Thursday, March 4, 2010

It's Not Wrong if it's On Your Bucket List

Some buddies of mine started a “Bucket List” of sporting events they want to attend. I thought this might be a good forum to unveil my own bucket list of things I want to see (live, TV doesn’t count) before I die. Here goes:

1. NCAA Final Four
2. BCS National Championship
3. Red Sox vs Yankees playoff game at Fenway
4. Ice Dancing
5. NBA Finals Game 7
6. Jessica Biel on a Slip ‘N’ Slide
7. Big East Tournament at Madison Square Garden
8. Angelina Jolie selecting a new child
9. The Kentucky Derby
10. Ohio State vs Michigan at the Big House
11. Lebron James lifting weights with his shirt off
12. Lance Armstrong shooting roids
13. Utah State in a bowl game
14. The look on his face the day Tony Romo finally decides to get a sex change
15. The complete destruction of the Laker franchise and all Laker paraphernalia
16. Mike Tyson debating health care against Richard Simmons
17. A local teenager actually completing a trick on his skateboard
18. Rosie O’Donnell in a slap fight with Bill O’Reilly
19. A midget doing a fist pump
20. Jack Bauer asking if Chloe understands him
21. The following people punched in the face:
• Nancy Pelosi
• Kobe Bryant
• Rachel Maddow
• Sarah Palin
• Ron Artest
• Jay Leno
• Anyone ever on Real World/Road Rules challenges
• Nancy Pelosi
• Kei$ha
• Jersey Shore
• The PC/Mac guys
• Saturday Night Live for the last three years
• Al Gore
• Dora the Explorer
• Max
• Ruby
• Their Grandma
• Nancy Pelosi
• My friend Luke

I’m sure I missed someone or something. What goes on your list? Oh, and here is another picture of Jessica Biel.


  1. Your Laker comments are hurtful

  2. I never realized it until I read this, but I love Jessica Biel, too.