Sunday, February 21, 2010

We're Baa-aack

Years ago, we ran a website called Because the site grew in popularity from a handful to a couple dozen readers in a matter of months, the local newspaper snatched us from the interwebs and placed us on the company bankroll. The caveat was we had to destroy and burn all records of its existence. We let the money go to our heads, but can you blame us? The paper paid us literally hundreds of dollars a month. You don’t turn down that kind of green.

Until now.

Welcome to Two Brothers Rant. We’ve evolved. TBR won’t just be doing sports anymore. Instead we will provide a full tapestry of commentary on the general douche-baggery growing ever more prevalent in society.
To help get a feel for who we are, we have posted some of the stuff from the old website for your reading pleasure.

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